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Echo wi-fi troubleshooting

WiFi/Internet Issues

Connected homes and workplaces are crucial today. Are you finding it difficult to pair smart devices with Echo? Troubleshoot Amazon Echo WiFi issues with our help guides.

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Amazon Echo set up

Echo Setup

Get the right solution for Amazon Echo Setup issues. We will make sure you can do the most out of Amazon Echo, by performing the setup & reset process perfectly!

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Amazon Alexa Echo Music Issues

Setup Amazon Music

Troubleshoot Amazon Echo Music Issues & Discover heart-warming tunes, foot-tapping numbers, and much more with the Amazon Music setup & commands.

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Download Amazon Alexa App

Download Alexa App

To play with echo, Alexa app must be installed on any of your devices either PC or Mobile devices. Discover what you can do with Alexa. Unlock hidden features.

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Get Your Amazon Echo Fixed Now

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24/7 Support

24/7 Support

With highly skilled, proficient, and reliable professionals by your side, it won’t be difficult to find the best tech support for your device. We will stay connected to you thus solving critical problems even at odd hours. Whether it’s a setup problem or a critical technical issue, we are just a call or click away!

Advanced Security Setup

Advanced Security Setup

Your Amazon device should ensure safe, secure, and direct connections. With a team of dedicated and proficient tech professionals, we make sure users get uninhibited access to data alongside performing advanced security setup. You can enjoy direct connections with your Mac device.

Enhanced Performance

Enhanced Performance

Wish to take your Amazon device’s performance a notch higher? You have come to the right place! We will make that happen for you! Our team of professionals will help you perform multiple tasks with the same device. Swinging to the favorite Music tracks, taking note of weather information, and giving voice commands will just be a matter of time!

Recently Added FAQs

The Voice-Recognition system in these devices helps them recognize and follow the wake word. Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and Amazon Echo leverage far-field voice recognition technologies to follow instructions and voice commands.
Yes, it does. Echo devices like Echo Dot not only connect with your Bluetooth speakers but also helps you connect them to Spotify, Pandora, i-Heart radio, and Amazon Prime Music.
Using Alexa and performing significant operations with it is just a cakewalk! Beat the elaborate intros and get to work straightaway. Let your device listen to you, and it will start recording once it recognizes your voice.
Turning the button ‘off’ is possible, and you can do that perfectly. Turn off the microphone and see whether it has turned red. That is the sign of the microphone being switched off. Unless you switch it on, the device won’t follow voice commands and instructions.
The moment you enter the room, Amazon Echo Show and Echo spot will identify your motion with the help of built-in cameras. You can also interact with the display buttons of this device, and the screen will get turned on.
No, you don’t need the Alexa app to leverage Echo Look. However, it will be imperative to visit or use the application to get detailed information about the product and voice purchases. You might also need to configure Alexa settings for turning of ‘voice purchasing’ features.
You can do that if you have access to Echo Connect and Alexa calling features. If the person is already an Alexa-calling contact, then the procedure will be different from calling up phone contacts.
Alexa has certain skills that work on the voice-driven technology. Activate Alexa skills, start uttering specific phrases, and let your device identify the commands. From news and weather updates to current affairs, you will gain the opportunity to stay informed.
The device consists of a light ring that turns blue, whenever the device identifies your voice and streams it to the Cloud. That’s the biggest indication you can get.
Reviewing voice interactions with Alexa is possible. You just need to view the ‘history’ settings and then find out the request. Since they are grouped, you will have to identify the command to review it.

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Alexa! What’s the weather today Alexa tell me a joke amazon echo

Amazon Echo - Personal Assistant Smart Speaker

If you believe in innovation and connected operations, Amazon Echo will be the most awaited device for you. As a hands-free, voice-controlled speaker system, Echo can carry out operations with simple voice commands. Powered by Alexa, Amazon’s very own AI assistant, listening to music and weather updates have become easier than ever. However, most of the users face problems while giving commands to the device. At times, Alexa doesn’t seem to respond thus displaying the message ‘template not found’. If you are facing such issues or other problems with Amazon Echo, We will be right there to help you! Amazon Echo Support technical expertise and efficiency is unmatched and we can deliver innovative solutions to clients.

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Your Amazon Echo Not Working

Alexa! Turn on my bedroom’s light. Alexa setup reminder at 10 o'clock Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot - The Smartest of Them All

As a smart and innovative replica of Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot promotes ‘Echo Spatial Perception’ to a great extent. Leverage the device for listening to music, controlling smart devices, providing information, reading news, and setting alarms. You can also listen to your favorite playlist as the device connects with Pandora, Spotify, and Prime Music. However, it’s not always this smooth. Echo Dot comes up with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity issues quite often. Users find it difficult to connect with the device thus failing to play their favorite tracks! From Set up issues to connectivity problems, Amazon Echo Dot support can solve a gamut of problems linked to this smart device. We know how the 360-degree immersive sound works for the device and that’s where we implement the right technical strategies to make it work. From analysis to complete solution, Amazon Echo Device Support will be there by your side.

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Your Echo Dot Not Working

dot 2
Alexa play rock on pandora Alexa play music for party Amazon Alexa Tap

Amazon Alexa Tap - Portable Smart Speaker

Another Alexa-enabled smart device that works on speech recognition. One of the prime benefits of using Alexa Tap is its exceptional, unique, and immersive sound technology. You can give commands and voice instructions from any corner of the house, and your virtual assistant will be right there to carry out the operations. But, how can give voice commands when there’s a problem with the speakers. Alexa Tap comes up with speaker issues and that’s quite often. Identification of the problem is the first thing to do. Check whether your Alexa Tap has problems with the default speakers or the inside ones. Does the audio sound inappropriate, fuzzy, muted, or tinny? Such problems create the demand for advanced Amazon Echo Dot support. Even if it’s in the middle of the night, we will be there for you!

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Your Alexa Tap Not Working

dot me
Alexa turn on my kitchen lights Alexa set drawing room to 67 degree amazon echo plus

Amazon Echo Plus - Echo With Smart Hub

Amazon Echo Plus is latest and updated voice enabled Alexa speaker with in build smart home hub, it allow you to control many smart home device like smart lights, smart locks, smart gates, and security cameras from many popular brands like Philips Hue without any addition hub. If you are in market for amazon eco and want to control your device through voice than echo plus is one device that can do it for you with great efficiency. However some users reported that setting up smart home is giving them trouble and also there are many issues connecting echo plus with Alexa and Wi-Fi. If you are facing issues with amazon echo plus like Music issue, connectivity issues, set up issues, amazon Alexa issues or issues setting up smart home devices just contact with Amazon Echo Plus Support team to get instant resolution of all you problems.

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Your Echo Plus Not Working

dot 4
Alexa call my mom Alexa dial 206890**** Amazon Echo Show

Amazon Echo Show - Adds Sight to The Sound

With a smart appearance, a classic 7-inch display, and unique voice-calling features, the Echo Show happens to be the fourth installment of the Amazon Echo Series. Going by its market demands and user feedback, Echo Show ranks amongst the top-rated AI-integrated devices. With far-field voice recognition at its core, Echo Show performs a multitude of activities with a single voice command. The most common Amazon Echo Show problem is with the performance of this device. Users might give a command and ask the device to play a video or audio clip. At times, Alexa seems to be following the command but the search result pops up as ‘template not found’. Such situations might disturb users but we will be there to render comprehensive support. Get in touch with Amazon Echo Show support for complete tech support, no matter how serious the problem!

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Your Echo Show Not Working