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A handheld device that has made shopping easier and stress-free and helps you find recipes and restaurants.

It is unbelievable how great this device is. I don’t need to stress myself over buying vegetables or if I want to eat out, Amazon Dash Wand helps me find the nearby eating places too.
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About Amazon Dash Wand

You don’t like wasting time on buying groceries…

What if there was a device which could do it for you?

It makes shopping really easy and you can conveniently restock the essentials of your kitchen.

It is really convenient and easy to use and also comes with the feature of voice recognition.

Amazon Dash Wand is essentially a shortcut for ordering what you need. You may need a particular brand of butter or a detergent most of the time and as soon as the stock that you have in your home is over, you have to go shopping again or spend your valuable time searching online and then ordering them. Dash Wand is a time saver as it replenishes your groceries or other essentials faster than any other service.

Handy Shopping Tool

It is a handy tool used for shopping that can also help you find recipes and restaurants near you. You want to cook something special for your loved one or a treat for your child, the right recipe is within your easy reach with Dash Wand. And if you are not in the mood to cook, it also helps you to locate eating places near you that suit your taste bud and also your budget. There is a hook on the top that lets you hang it anywhere you want and there are also magnets in the back for the same purpose. If there is the item to be scanned, you can also hold down its button and say the name of the product you want to order.

 Simple to Use

The device is extremely easy to use and does not take up much space. You can hang it on your fridge or any place of your convenience and as it is voice-enabled, you can order what you want it to do without having to get up. And it also has mechanisms in place so that orders for groceries are not created by mistake. It is pocket-friendly and you can also use it to control your home. It is Alexa enabled and items are easily delivered to your doorsteps. Though it doesn’t do timers or reminders, you will be able to control your house with this as it can control your other Alexa enabled devices.

Dash Wand is extremely inexpensive and easy to use. It does not take up much space and you can hang or attach it anywhere you want. This device saves up a lot of time and has made boring chores fun and hassle-free. It makes life really easier.However, if you still feel any issue using this device so contact Dash Band Support by calling at the number given above. 

Support For Dash Wand
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Amazon Dash Wand Features


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Your Shopping Assistant

Order groceries with the push of a button
Saves your time

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Voice recognition enabled
Just say what you want to buy

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Extra Features

Allows third-party access
Smart home controls

This device does not take up much time with its installation process and is extremely easy to use. You point your Dash Wand to a barcode and the device scans it and as it recognizes the item, it will make a noise. And then that item will be added to your cart. If it is unable to scan an item, it will ask you to say it. Not just groceries, once you install it and start using, you will be able to order absolutely anything you want. The most important feature of this device is that it makes shopping easier, hassle free and saves time.

Amazon Dash wand With Alexa

The voice recognition system is amazing and you won’t have to search for the item you want to order and in the process, waste your valuable time. Just name the product, and it will be added to your cart. You need to have a strong internet connection and the Amazon app. If you face any issues, technical support and remote assistance are only a small step away. The device will make shopping extremely easy and hassle-free for you. Not just groceries, you can scan anything you want to add to your cart. Once you receive the device, verify its compatibility features yourself, and if you face any issues, there are quick fixes given. If they don’t work, call for expert assistance.

If you Can’t Register Or Setup Your New Amazon Dash Wand, you don’t need to worry as it will be taken care of soon by Dash Wand Support.

Most Common Problems with Amazon Dash Wand

A user can face many issues while setting up Dash Wand. There are several quick fixes available and if those don’t help, seek assistance from amazon dash wand support. Below is a list of common issues you might face while using your device:

  1. Connectivity issues
  2. Amazon dash wand setup
  3. Dash Wand causing problems
  4. Can’t Complete Amazon Dash Wand Setup
  5. Technical issues
  6. Adding wrong product in the cart
  7. Creating an order by mistake

Are you still having issues while using your Dash Wand device?
Dial Toll-Free for Dash Wand Support

1-888-299-7571 (US/Canada) 44-20-80775546 (UK)

Setup Dash Wand

To get the best of your device, you need to install it perfectly. Following are the steps by which you can use Dash Wand effectively. If you face any trouble, just call the dash wand support for amazon dash wand troubleshooting.

  1. This device runs on AAA batteries. So the first thing you need to is installing the Amazon app on your phone.
  2. Once it is done, open the Alexa app, and hold down the button until it turns orange.
  3. Then add the wand to your wifi network and the registration will be complete.
  4. When you want to buy something, point the device at barcodes. If it is able to recognize the product, it will make a noise and if it can’t, it will ask you to say the name of the product.
  5. Can’t Add Items to Cart with Amazon Dash Wand Using Voice, Alexa may have been unable to receive your command. If it happens, enunciate the name of the product you want.
  6. Once you have been able to add everything you want in your shopping cart, you have to open the Amazon app and then check out.
  7. You will be able to see where your item will be delivered.

Still cant setup Dash Wand Device Do call Amazon Dash Wand Support for instant resolution.

Is your Amazon Dash Wand not working?

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Are these issues still bothering you? Dial Toll Free

1-888-299-7571 (US/Canada)44-20-80775546 (UK)