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Download Amazon Alexa App

With the free Alexa app, you can manage your alarms, music, shopping lists, and more.

Note: Download Alexa app for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Operating system, Mac or Chromebook. You can also download Alexa app for an iPad, iPhone, Kindle and all.

Steps to install Alexa App

If you’re unable to open the Alexa app, or you receive an error message (such as “The Alexa app is offline”), here are some common solutions that may help.

Steps to Setup Amazon Alexa app on computer

Download Amazon Alexa App

Most of the people have a misconception that Alexa app only runs on mobile devices but that’s not true. Did you hear that? Yes, that’s very true and in this paragraph below we will let you know how can you setup amazon Alexa app on to your computer or PC. Here are the steps to setup Alexa app on a windows computer.

  1. Download Alexa app from above mentioned link.
  2. Open Alexa app.
  3. Login to Alexa app with your amazon email or phone number and Password.
  4. Then click on Begin Setup.
  5. Choose your device.
  6. Connect your echo with WiFi when you see orange light on your Echo.
  7. Once echo will be connected then you can ask Alexa and Alexa will respond.

Steps to Install Alexa app on iOS

To get the Alexa app on your iPhone or iPad there are some steps you need to follow. Make sure iOS version must be 9.0 or higher. There are few steps to get Alexa app on your iPad or iPhone.

  1. Go to app store.
  2. Search for amazon Alexa app.
  3. Tap on get it.
  4. It will take some time to download.
  5. Then Tap on Open.
  6. Enjoy Operating Alexa.

Once the alexa app is installed on your iPhone or iOS , all you havoe to do is t open it and login and follow the instruction as per the screen. For further help please contact Amazon Alexa technical helpline which is 1-888-299-7571 (US/Canada).

Download Alexa on iOS

Steps to install Amazon Alexa on Android

download amazon alexa android

It’s not that complicated to get the Amazon Alexa app on to your Android device. But make sure you have Android KitKat (Version4.4) running on your device. To install Amazon Alexa app on your android phone or tablet please follow the instruction below:

  1. Go to play store.
  2. Search for an amazon Alexa app.
  3. Tap on Install.
  4. Then wait till it’s downloading and installing.
  5. Tap on open.
  6. Enjoy Alexa.

Once you got Alexa installed on your android device then you can open it and sign in to get into Alexa app and setup your echo device. For further assistance please contact Alexa technical help 1-888-299-7571 (US/Canada).

Steps to Install Alexa on MAC OS

People who have MAC OS then need not to worry, all you need is an updated browser. Sometimes in old MAC safari isn’t supported but you can try chrome.Here are the steps to get Amazon Alexa app on MAC computers.

  1. Open any browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox).
  2. Click on the MAC button above mentioned at the top of the page.
  3. Once the app would be installed then open it.
  4. Login to Alexa app with your email/phone number and password.
  5. Once you logged in then select the device like Amazon echo, echo plus or Tap to setup.

If you don’t know how to setup amazon echo device, then after getting the Alexa app then you’re just a call away. Call at toll free: 1-888-299-7571 (US/Canada).

Download alexa app on computer

Step to Install Alexa on Chromebook

Download alexa app on chromebook

Get Alexa app on Chromebook isn’t difficult now. Chromebook runs chrome OS and make sure you have the updated version. There are few steps to install Alexa app on Chromebook.

  1. Open chrome browser.
  2. Click the Chromebook button on the top of this page.
  3. Once the Alexa app got download then open it.
  4. Then put your amazon email/phone number or password.
  5. Once you logged in then you can select your device.

If you don’t know how to setup amazon echo device on Chromebook, then you can call Alexa expert at 1-888-299-7571 (US/Canada).

Steps to Install Alexa on Kindle

Kindle is a most selling eBook reader in the world and Now Alexa is available in Kindle. Here’ some steps to get Alexa app on Kindle.

  1. Go to Amazon app store.
  2. Search for an app Alexa.
  3. Tap on Install and will take little time to download.
  4. Once the download will complete then you can find under your apps.
  5. Open app once downloaded.
  6. Sign in with your Alexa app.
  7. Once signed in select your device and enjoy Alexa.

After getting Alexa app if you need any assistance how to setup amazon echo device you can call us for instant support at 1-888-299-7571 (US/Canada).

Download alexa app on kindle

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Issues While setting up alexa app

  • Downloading Error
  • Alexa app login error
  • Phone number verification error
  • Alexa isn’t showing your WiFi signals
  • Trouble Changing the Wake word
  • Getting trouble to add skills
  • Trouble connecting Bluetooth speaker with Alexa
  • Trouble LinkingPandora Account
  • Getting Trouble to call through Alexa
  • Play same music on different Echo at the same location
  • Getting trouble to change the location
  • Getting wrong weather report
  • Play sample Music only
  • Trouble connecting with Wi-Fi
  • Alexa app not discovering smart home device
  • Alexa is not adding items in the shopping/to-do list
  • Getting trouble to change the alarm sound
  • Trouble synchronizing calendar
  • Trouble Linking SiriusXM
  • Trouble linking dish TV
  • Trouble linking fire TV
  • Trouble linking Spotify
  • Trouble playing audio books
  • Trouble synchronizing phone contacts
  • Deregistering Echo through Alexa
  • Trouble setting up Alexa voice control remote

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