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A camera that can be voice activated and that lets you see your outfits in real time and seek style advice from experts.

I cannot thank Amazon Echo Look enough. I don’t’ need to fret whether I am wearing the right outfit to my office or the after-hours party. And the advices are spot on.
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About Amazon Echo Look

You need to go out for a party and you are unsure about which dress you should wear. Sometimes you may be sure of what you are wearing but expert opinion doesn’t hurt. You will end up feeling more confident about your look and carry yourself with suave and grace. Not just your shirt or top half, the device is capable to take full length photos of you and also videos, if necessary. You can enhance a particular shot of yourself by getting the background blurred. It is your personal style assistant that doesn’t get tired, doesn’t take leaves and is always ready with the right advice.

The device is also capable of recommending dresses for you, provided you need any. You will be able to categorize your collection of dresses through color or type. You will be able to prepare a custom look for yourself and then dress accordingly. You won’t have to wait for the advice for long and get it in real time. With the photo and the video features, you will be able to look at yourself from all angles.

It will make you fall in love with your look every day. If you want, you can share the pictures on social media and machine based algorithms are used to pick the right style for you. The features for photos and videos are extremely easy to use. You just need to pose with the look you want and ask Alexa to click a photo. It won’t be a bother anymore if there isn’t anyone with you to tell you how you look. You have a device that gives you great style advice based upon machine based algorithms. If you face problems such as echo look style check not working then follow the troubleshooting guide.

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Echo Look Features

Know the special features that your Amazon Echo device can do.
Here are some features to start with:

Microphone logo with voice commands

A Great Camera

A high resolution depth sensing camera
See your live view in the app

Group logo with features

Your Personal Style Book

Create your own catalogue of your outfits
Style check allows you to compare two looks

mobile logo with wifi


Access the news and read audio books
Get weather and traffic updates

To use any device properly, you need to acquaint yourself with its setup and installation procedures. You will be able to setup your Echo Look device through the Alexa app. Once the installation has been done, you will be able to get a full view of yourself, take a short video if you want and seek expert style advices in real time. You can also create a lookbook for yourself so that you can browse your outfits. The process of Echo look setupis really easy and if you face any problems, feel free to ask for help.

The set up and installation can be done by you by following few steps. But before that you need to have a crystal clear idea about the requirement and specifications of your device. Connecting with Alexa is essential for you to give orders so that the device can carry them out. You need to verify the compatibility features of your Echo Look device. A strong internet connection is also necessary for the device to work properly and if it gives you any trouble then visit Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection Issues on Echo Look.

Most Common Problems with Echo Look

Few common issues are generally faced by first time users. To enjoy using your Echo device you are required to get familiarwithecho look troubleshooting for resolving issues. The guide is simple to follow and it gives details about any further issues that you might face and the quick fix solutions.

  1. Setup Echo look
  2. Echo look camera setup
  3. Restart or Reset your Echo Look
  4. Alexa doesn’t respond
  5. Issues related to Echo Look App
  6. Wi-Fi is not connecting
  7. Camera not performing
  8. Saving a look
  9. Changing settings of the device
  10. Registering with Echo Look App
  11. Alexa doesn’t understand you

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Setup Echo Look

To set up echo look device in your smart home you can follow few tips. They will help you to install the device appropriately. To avoid any mismanagement you can go through Echo look setup or take help by dialing the toll-free number at any time. The primary benefit of this device is that you can install it anywhere in your house including bedroom, hallway, dressing room, closet etc.

  1. Make your mobile phone compatible with the device and search for Echo Look app on your respective app store.
  2. Download the echo look app once you have found it and sign into your Amazon account.
  3. Place the device in head-to-toe position to get perfect look of your outfit. In that way you have much space for posing and clicking the full view.
  4. Stand in a convenient location five feet away from the device and unobstructed by furniture or wall. The background must be well lit to capture the best shot.
  5. Plug the Echo Look device with the nearby power outlet.
  6. Wait for five minutes till the device enters into a setup mode. As the light ring turns from blue to orange your device is paired with Alexa and enters the setup mode. In case set up doesn’t happen accordingly, try Restart or Reset Your Echo Look and repeat the process.
  7. Turn on your mobile device’s Bluetooth and pair it with Echo Look device. Your Wi-Fi password is needed to set up the device as you enter Wi-Fi credentials in your mobile.
  8. Log in to your Amazon account on your Echo Look app and follow the instructions for registering your Echo Look device.
  9. Uncover the protective cover from the front camera of Echo Look device to get the best picture. Also check the Wi-Fi strength for Echo Look App to continue working.
  10. Set the device to take a full length photo or make a six seconds video of your look. Make sure to switch on the preview on your Echo device to see your clicked picture pr video. If you face any hurdle, just reset echo look.
  11. Ask Alexa to take a picture or video and tilt 360 degree to get a nice capture. If your Echo Look Doesn’t Save a Look, there maybe issues with connectivity or settings.
  12. Try talking to Alexa by setting up a ‘wake word’ which you will use for calling or commanding Alexa for all future purposes.

Is your Echo Look not working?

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